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Hi, I'm Mary. I'm 22. Born in Chelyabinsk, living in Pittsburgh, splitting my time in Sydney. Makeup and hockey are my passions. I love the Penguins, but I'm also a fan of the Rangers and Wings. I also enjoy football, obviously the Steelers. I mostly reblog pics, but I post some of my own. I have a pup, a bunny, and two kitties. I like coffee, adventures, cartoons, and the internets.
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    Hai Friends

    Hai followers, I have so updates.
    • First off, here’s a list of upcoming reivew
    • Also, I now have a Disclosure Policy now.
    • I’ll be receiving samples from a new makeup company called Victorian Disco Cosmetics around December 1st.
    • I also ask that you check out CandyCrush Cosmetics.
    • I might do a blog sale too, I’m still trying to figure out the process.
    • How would yinz feel if I added a Donate button? All donations would be put to blog related purchases/expenses (a new camera, purchases for requested reviews, etc)
    • I will be doing an internationally open giveaway for a full case of Zico Coconut Water. This giveaway is  privately sponsored by a donor who wants to remain anonymous.
    • My teacher requested me to write an essay about the book “Beauty Pays” by Daniel S. Hamermesh and the corresponding Pittsburgh Post Gazette article. Would yinz be interested in other beauty related essays? If so, on what sort of topics?
    • I think I might add a new section to my blog, Deals and Steals, listing sales and deal I’ve found for the week.
    • I won a giveaway! 

    Please leave me any comments, questions, requests, or suggestions. 

    — 2 years ago
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    Taking Essence’s Lime Up! nail polish and All Eyes on Me Multi-Effect Mascara for test drives. Expect reviews by the end of the week. I’m going to slow down on posts, as I have a lot to do before boyfriend gets here in a couple days, but I promise atleast one blog post a day, moar if possible. Also I only need 14 more blogspot followers to start my giveaway, which will include some of my favorites.  

    — 3 years ago with 14 notes
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    Sinful Colors HD Nails is holding up much better the second time around. I’ve had it on for two full days with slight tip wear. I lost all the polish on my thumb today, but that was my fault for nibbling. 

    — 3 years ago
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