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Hi, I'm Mary. I'm 22. Born in Chelyabinsk, living in Pittsburgh, splitting my time in Sydney. Makeup and hockey are my passions. I love the Penguins, but I'm also a fan of the Rangers and Wings. I also enjoy football, obviously the Steelers. I mostly reblog pics, but I post some of my own. I have a pup, a bunny, and two kitties. I like coffee, adventures, cartoons, and the internets.
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    The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Shower Gel Review →

    The Body Shop calls their Vineyard Peach body wash a “soap free shower gel” that “smells like freshly picked peaches and leaves skin feeling peachy soft.” This is my first experience with The Body Shop’s Shower Gel. These body washes contain 250ml (8.4 fl oz) and retails for $8. The Vineyard Peach scent is limited edition, a dozen or so other scents are also available Click through for a full review,

    — 6 months ago
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    Balea Pink Grapefruit Moisturizing Body Wash Review →

     Balea is the home brand of Shoppers Drug Mart, a Canadian drugstore chain. The brand says “revive you spirit with Balea Moisturizing Pink Grapefruit Body Wash. It’s special moisture bead formula is enriched with grapefruit oil and will leave skin feeling soft and fresh.” My friend Steph sent me a massive 532ml (18 fl oz) bottle of this shower gel in a recent swap. Click through for a full review

    — 12 months ago
    #review  #shower gel  #body wash  #Soap  #shoppers drug mart  #balea 
    Lush Happy Hippy Shower Gel Review →

    Lush’s Happy Hippy is a grapefruit scented shower gel. Lush says that this body wash, which is one of their best sellers, is the “perfect way to start the day. This shower get is bursting with fresh, juicy, organic pink grapefruit to cleanse away grime, refresh your skin, and make you feel brighter all over, plush it’s full of zippy citrus oil, grapefruit, and bergamot oil to work on tired minds with a double dose of Vitamin C”. I was given a free sample of this shower gel at the Lush in Macy’s in Downtown Pittsburgh. 

    — 1 year ago with 1 note
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    Bath&BodyWorks Vanilla Bean Noel Review →

    A review of the cult classic Holiday scent in the Body Lotion, Fine Fragrance Mist, and Shower Gel. 

    — 1 year ago with 2 notes
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